Artículos: July, 2017

Virtual Currencies and how to grow up your Company with them

pagoskawaii 31/07/2017 Luxury Life

Over the years, the Bitcoin virtual currency has been one of the new fads within the internet world. This virtual currency already has an approximate value of 1 BTC for $ 2850. This value has been increasing and because of

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What is Lisk?

pagoskawaii 25/07/2017 Business

Web Design: the new language and the new art on Internet.

pagoskawaii 24/07/2017 Business

The internet business has grown a lot in the last few years, many companies are hiring more and more people who have a life inside the internet. Freelancers are now raising their prices everywhere and it is thanks to the

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Xapo and Advantages

pagoskawaii 21/07/2017 Business