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12 ridiculous things that successful people do every day

Parc_336 17 de September del 2016 Business

Whether Olympic athletes, billionaires or successful entrepreneurs, something that successful people have in common are they rare habits. Here the 12 most ridiculous things that successful people do every day.

  1. Focus in minutes, not hours

Most successful people perform mental blocks of 30 minutes and one hour. They know that there is nothing more valuable than time. The money is lost and won, but time is never recovered.

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  1. They Concentrate on one thing at a time

Highly productive people know what their Most Important Task and work on it all day without interruption.

  1. Do not have a pending list

We must get rid of the pending lists, better plan everything on the calendar. And it just that having so much to do only create stress and insomnia. Productive people plan everything and live or die under this planning.

  1. Beat Procrastination

Successful people know they should do things to force themself to do what is necessary. They try to find a solution to overcome themselves.


  1. Eat dinner at home

Successful people know what the value of life, including the family, exercise, charity work, and so on. They know their day accommodate what they value most and stick to this plan.

  1. They use a notebook

Richard Branson confessed that he could never have built his company if his not had brought a notebook always in his hand. Highly productive people free their minds writing all.

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  1. They Check their email just a couple of times at day

Also successful people do not check their inbox every two minutes, or respond to every vibration of the cell. Instead, set times established to process their emails quickly and efficiently.

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  1. They say No to almost everything

Warren Buffet once said: The difference between successful and highly successful people is that the latter know when to say NO. Remember that the day has only 1.440 minutes. Do not waste it.

  1. They follow the rule 80/20

Known as the Pareto Principle, this rule says that 80% of the results come from only 20% of the activities. Productive people know identify which actions are producing results and focus on them.


  1. They delegate all

These individuals wonder how they can delegate something pending, better delegate to a person who can fix it.

  1. They have a consistent morning routine

Most of these people nourish their bodies with a good breakfast and plenty of water, while their minds are strengthened with meditation, reading or reading the newspaper.

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