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4 eccentric habits that will make you smarter

pagoskawaii 19 de June del 2017 Business
Einstein used to pick up cigars in the street and Teddy Roosevelt swam in the Potomac River in winter. Were they crazy? Probably. Were they geniuses? Definitely.

There is a fascinating link between genius and madness. Einstein used to pick up cigars in the street, and used the residual tobacco he found for his pipe. On the other hand, Benjamin Franklin liked to sit naked in front of a window every day to give himself an “air bath”.

These eccentric actions seem to be without reason: This kind of madness can help the brain. Here are four eccentric habits that can make you smarter.

  1. Have sex
Emilie du Châtelet is a little-known pioneer of eighth-century scientific work. This wise lady used to award her intelligence to her prolific sexual life and scientists from Konkuk University in Seoul seem to give her credit. These researchers found that sexual activity favors neurogenesis (production of neurons) because it interferes with the harmful effects of stress.

  1. Surround yourself with gold
Each night, Dr. Yoshiko Nakamatsu, developer of the diskettes and other 3,300 inventions, retires to his “Room of Calm”, a bathroom covered by 24 carat plates. According to the expert, the metal blocks radio and television signals that are harmful to the imagination.

He is not completely wrong. Although the possible relationship of radio waves with cancer is still debated, no one can deny the detrimental effects of overexposure to these frequencies. You probably cannot surround yourself with 24-carat plates, but occasionally you can get away from digital contamination by turning off computers, Wi-Fi signals, cell phones, and Bluetooth devices. This will give your mind the opportunity to meditate and recharge.

  1. A little cold
Benjamin Franklin used to go swimming in the frigid waters of Thames River, and Theodore Roosevelt liked to dive into the Potomac River in Washington DC during the winter. Submerging yourself in cold water is an ancient practice. The Greek sage Hippocrates said that he helped combat “mental lassitude.”

When you take a cold shower, you cause a thermal shock that activates the circulation in your body by filling your organs with fresh blood. When you finish bathing, rinse with water that is colder than supports to give a “push” to your brain.

  1. Do not put salt
Thomas Edison had a curious practice for hiring new recruits. When he interviewed candidates, he invited them to eat a bowl of soup. If the person put salt on the food before trying it, Edison did not hire her.

The inventor said that seasoning the food without consuming it was a clear sign of a person making decisions based only on assumptions. Smart minds are also critical. Never draw conclusions without evidence to back them up.

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