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8 Things You Do Badly When Selling (According to the Wall Street Wolf)

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The 2013 film released Belfort from a confessed convict to a Rockstar who lectures around the world. His fame and his advice have taken him to Zurich, Europe financial center, where attendees paid VIP tickets to get a selfie with the former investor, who still owes $ 100 million to his defrauded customers.

“It may be the biggest shit in the world, but from the conviction you can sell a great product,” he assured his followers, many of them dressed in the famous blue suit that Leonardo DiCaprio had in the film.

  1. Not being sure.
It was the message Jordan Belfort most emphasized during his seminar. The biggest mistake people make, he says, is that they think that sales are contingent only on products and services. And for a sale of a product, idea, reason, or sentiment to be successful, it is necessary to be convinced of what is sold and transmitted, with thoughts and emotions.

  1. Take no action.
What distinguishes rich people from those who are not? That the former take actions. Said Belfort to his fans, many students, young brokers, or gentlemen seduced by the Wolf.

  1. Not having a strategy.
The broker Rockstar asked those present to make this a day in their homes: he said that when you go back home, to sit in the dark in the living room, close your eyes and imagine a big check for $ 500,000. Then, think about what you should do to have that check in your hands. That is the strategy. To have the strategy you can get help from any side, up to experts to find the best model. The customer may have an interest in the product, but if there is no strategy, action and certainty, the sale fades.

  1. Have beliefs that hinder your goals.
Everyone has beliefs, and it’s okay to have them. But there are clusters of money-related claims that can keep you from achieving what you deserve, and he mentioned five:

  • If I become rich I will be greedy.
  • I am not a material entrepreneur.
  • Sales are evil.
  • I must sacrifice everything for the hard work.
  • Everything happens to me.
  1. Not having vision.
Belfort talked about the 22 months he spent in prison for making money with fraudulent actions. In the evenings, he closed his eyes and imagined his two sons and said to himself that he had to leave that place to prove to his children that his father was not a loser.

Vision is not just about goals, but about the future. The Belfort’s secret to remain positive, according to him, is to have the right approach and vision.

  1. Not knowing the rules.
Previous mistakes are what people commit in their inner world. The Wall Street Wolf says that the world is divided into dualities: up, down; near far; above below; Yes and no. And the world is divided into the interior and the exterior. Too many mistakes are made outside. One of the most common is to ignore the rules of the game.

  1. Do not do marketing.
To sell you have to find the right buyer prospects, and marketing is about finding the right people.

  1. Do not make your money work for you.
Making money is easy, insists Jordan. But one of the most common mistakes people make is that they do not make money work for them. “If you succeed, it will be easy to make money.”

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