» » Alibaba joins HP and Intel to create a tablet

Alibaba joins HP and Intel to create a tablet

Parc_336 11 de October del 2016 Business

The e-commerce giant Alibaba said it is working with US firms HP and Intel to develop a portable tablet computer format that uses the operating system Yunos Chinese company.

The device will be used for cloud systems especially in educational uses or office, Alibaba said in a statement on the occasion of the Computing Conference 2016 held in the Chinese city of Hangzhou.


The announcement, is the latest sign that the software developed by Alibaba is generating more interest and support among major device manufacturers increasingly,  stressed the statement of Alibaba.

Yunus, launched in 2011 by Alibaba as an operating system for smart phones based on the cloud, is currently the third most widely used in the world after iOS (Apple) and Android (Google).

Alibaba’s operating system is currently present in over 100 million devices, from televisions telephone terminals to access internet or connected appliances, added the note.


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