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An 11 year old girl became a millionaire selling lemonade

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Sell lemonade is common between children to earn some money. Mikaila Ulmer spent years squeezing lemons, and this made her millionaire with her great-grandmother’s recipe.

This 11 year old girl from Austin, Texas, founded her own business, selling her lemonade call BeeSweet, her income was larger than the expected, and she just closed a deal for $11 million with the Whole foods Market Company, a large organic food company, to sell her lemonade in several cities.


How the idea did come from?

As it happens, often the most creative ideas come from moments that are not the best. That was the case Mikaila, who at 4 years, suffered so much by a bee stings, and fear started having her back. But her parents tried to cheer her up, with her investigating the role of these insects to conserve biodiversity.

That was how began to know the importance of bees and realized that without them no more pollination, no food, agriculture, animals or people. While fears thinned, she understood that they were disappearing. And it was when she was 9 years old when her great-grandmother Helen sent a 1940 cookbook with a recipe for lemonade flax with touches of linen and mint leaves. And so was born the idea that would help the bees, selling lemonade sweetened with honey.

Her project was a success and obtained through her participation in the TV show “Shark Tank”, the initial investment of $ 60,000 and interest of Whole Foods Market. Her lemode was offered for sale in more than 50 stores in the United States and a contract for 11 million dollars. So that the girl began selling her homemade lemonade, sweetened with honey, in a stall in the street with intent to donate the money to organizations that would help bees.


And it was not surprising that after this agreement being reached, the child was invited by Barack Obama to the White House, and it was named in her region as one of the 10 most innovative entrepreneurs of the year. However, Mikaila, who is looking for new flavors for soft drinks, insists her main motivation is to help bees.

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