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Bad AF Fashion Gets Blessing from Kardashians, Fashion HotBox

Emily 17 de May del 2017 Business
We’ve mentioned the up and coming clothing brand Bad AF Fashion before in our list of the hottest fashion brands among today’s celebrities. Well, now we have further proof that this fashion company is the brand of the moment if you are looking for daring, risqué, sexy styles in the style of the Kardashian sisters.

We not only have the blessing of Miss Khloe Kardashian, as a vocal fan of the clothing brand on Instagram. Now, we also have a Kim K inspired dress that is to die for, plus a rave review from the famous Fashion HotBox fashion blog.

Kim K dress from Bad AF Fashion

Most people who stay more or less up to date with pop culture have seen the lovely Kim Kardashian in a specific, curve-hugging black dress with a sheer white lace bodice. Kim, of course, rocks the dress like no one’s business, but now anyone who admires her sense of style can rock a very similar look themselves. Bad AF Fashion created their Evalina dress, inspired by this stunning look from Kim K.

Just like in the original, the cut of the dress and especially the bodice is designed to be super flattering and curve enhancing, with the white lace cutting a “V” shape into the black dress, creating the illusion of a narrower waist. One step closer to having Kim’s enviable curves, in a hot dress from Bad AF that would be perfect for a whole host of occasions.

Bad AF Fashion review from Fashion HotBox

A famous fashion blogger over at Fashion HotBox picked up one of the pieces that is most representative of the Bad AF aesthetic for her recent vacation in Costa Rica: the Imogen Set, a stunning two-piece jumpsuit in brilliant white. She wore it for a night out, and it fit right in with the sexy, beachy atmosphere of her vacation destination.

And although the Imogen jumpsuit is the only piece the blogger has had the opportunity to try on so far, she has nothing but nice things to say about many other pieces in the collection. She rightly notes that most of the bold styles from Bad AF Fashion do require some confidence to wear, but in return they provide a huge confidence boost to the woman who is bold enough to put them on.

So, in conclusion, we have further evidence that this start up clothing company is one you need to keep on your radar. They have only been in business for 6 months but have already earned themselves a strong following on social media, especially Instagram, with many of the most-followed models and fashion bloggers endorsing their looks. So far, this has accumulated the young married couple who started the company an impressive net worth of about $1.2 million. Considering they had no experience before this venture running any business, let alone a business in the cutthroat fashion industry, we’d say they must have a natural talent for commerce and an excellent understanding of their target customers.

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