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Brittanya Razavi reveals her “secret weapon”

Emily 7 de January del 2017 Business
Anyone who is looking to take an unconventional path to wealth and business success will want to mark this new book down on their required reading list: My Mind, My Secret Weapon, by model and reality TV star Brittanya Razavi. Her debut book is due for release any day now, and this is from someone who is walking the walk, forging her own unique path to success.


You’re most likely familiar with Brittanya from her appearances on reality TV shows like Rock of Love Bus and Charm School 3. If you follow reality TV gossip, you’ll remember her as the girl who was charged with felony assault after attacking a woman with a so-called “pimp chalice”. But unlike most reality TV show personalities, Brittanya Razavi did not let her name fade into oblivion. Instead, she wisely used her time in the spotlight to launch a long-term career in entertainment and business.

In My Mind, My Secret Weapon, Brittanya reveals her strategy for starting her own business ventures and the personal story that fostered her entrepreneurial spirit. Read the true story from Brittanya’s perspective as she propelled herself from a struggling young single mom, to seemingly just another pretty face on reality TV, to the co-owner of international clothing company 187 Avenue and owner of a California-based real estate investment business. And that’s when she isn’t busy posing for magazine covers or making paid public appearances.


Now, we can add (potentially bestselling) author and motivational speaker to that list. We’re anxiously awaiting the official release of My Mind, My Secret Weapon by Brittanya Razavi so we can learn more about this fascinating young businesswoman and her unusual path to wealth and success in a variety of business endeavors. This will certainly be an interesting read for anyone looking for a way to unleash their own entrepreneurial spirit in their own unique way.


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