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Christopher K. and his monetary investment

pagoskawaii 27 de June del 2017 Business
Irony and sarcasm are two of the most widely spread sense of humor within the planet. But thanks to the people who knew where to invest on time and with a good stroke of luck. Irony and sarcasm quickly become money and gold for those who believed in their investment within the most unlikely places.

But I am going to tell you the story of Christopher Koch, a young American who in 2009 invested 27 $ to buy 40 Bitcoins (BTC) and that at the time was a joke for his friends, his girlfriend and even his own family. Now in the year 2017 he won $ 1 million in BTC and has invested in 3 restaurants and in a car wash, and with all these business he has now over 1.5 million dollars.

Koch, his BTC and His life

In 2009, the BTC was a newly invented currency by the famous Japanese Kishimoto Satoshi and the shares were just over 0.20 cents per BTC. But for the young economics student named Christopher Koch was not the biggest problem because he knew that this was going to be a new revolution in the world currency market.

Koch bought with $ 27 left in his wallet to study how these simple coins were made. What seemed extraordinary was his system of computer programming and ease of transaction which increased his interest more and more for that currency.

As the months passed, this study became an obsession and more and more bought BTC to quench their curiosity. So much so that in 2010 his doctoral thesis was treated in how the BTC were going to revolutionize the world of the currencies and that this invention meant the end of the printed money and the beginning to the globalization.

His friends and his girlfriend made him very heavy, ironic and sarcastic jokes about the decision to invest his money in coins like the BTC. They told him that his investment was going to be a failure and that was why he was completely crazy.

But everything changed in 2014 when the market value of the BTC rose to $ 1000 per BTC. Koch quickly sold a lot of BTC within the virtual market and in just one day the registration in his bank account more than $ 400,000. Knowing that this could go up again, I keep the rest of the BTC on your PC and decided to invest in cloudmining companies like Genesis or Minergate.

This investment also gave Koch a profit per year of $ 600,000 and thanks to this investment; Koch now has a big house, a big car and two apartments in Manhattan. Now with the money he has, he has decided to open several Restaurants and several bars both in New York and Boston to generate more money to buy more BTC. In an interview for TV, he said that those were the best $ 27 invested in his life.

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