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Crafts and Business

pagoskawaii 11 de April del 2017 Business
Crafts are a way of distraction for many people. From painting to knitting, crafts are an excellent hobby for many people who want to have moments of recreation alone, away from the tedious tasks they represent every day. However, crafts can also become a very profitable business model. Here we show you some examples of how to start with this type of business.

The Painting

Painting is one of the most famous crafts as it combines the art of creating landscapes with creativity, color and texture. This also gives you an incentive for a future business if you are really good and creative when it comes to drawing landscapes.

Those who have started to make money on the basis of selling their paintings have agreed that the best way to start selling them is to sell them within your intimate circle of family and friends. As your family or friends have visitors at home and they see your paintings, they will recommend you and gradually you will gain fame as a painter.

Once you reach certain fame, it is good that you contact any art gallery to sell your artwork, thus earning a significant commission for your sales. Or you can also start selling your artwork using instagram, facebook, twitter or a web page of your own creation. This way you would earn money by doing what you like best in this case painting pictures.


Pottery is the art of making objects from clay or clay. It is a very common craft especially in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Thanks to pottery, thousands of everyday objects such as tea cups, glasses, plates, etc. have been created. The option of starting a business in pottery is a very good choice for you.

The actual pottery is sold very well if you put your effort in selling your products as home decorations. These objects can be sold very well and would leave an extra profit that exceeds the initial expenses. The selling method for these types of products is usually instagram, facebook, twitters and visits the art galleries or places where they sell home decorations.


It is a very wide craft field. We have already mentioned the subject of jewelry (which could be considered as accessories), but there is much more. From fashion items like hats, belts or handbags to practical things for the home (boxes, pencil holders, kitchenware), the list could be endless.

If you have hand skills and some good ideas, I advise you to reflect a bit and look for an accessory that could be sold and that is not as generic as some of the previous proposals. Perhaps the market is smaller, but it is also possible that you have less competition and that you can offer a product with greater added value.

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