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Creative Ideas for internet Business and how to apply them

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There are many business ideas that have triumphed on the internet. These ideas are usually created thanks to the fact that people on a level of extreme need for money create several ideas to solve their economic level. These ideas are usually very creative and very diverse.

That is why in this section we will talk a little about some very creative ideas that have arisen in the internet business, these ideas were born thanks to a great need. Without saying more: let’s begin.

Million Dollar Homepage

The Million Dollar website was launched in August 2005 in Wiltshire, England, where Alex Tew, a 21-year-old student who wanted to finance his university career, decided to create a web page made up of one million pixels and sell each pixel at the price of one dollar.

The idea of online business was very simple, the advertisers could buy as many pixels as they wanted to advertise and display in them logos or advertisements of their company that would be hyperlinked to their web pages.

When the web page of the 21 years old student collected $ 1,000, the media echoed off his idea, and since then everything was a success. The curiosity of the people and businessmen made the Million Dollar Page a phenomenon on the Internet and they made it one of the most visited websites in the world, which caught the attention of many companies. Today, the website has the value of 1.037.100$, amazing!


Byron Reese loved Christmas but thought it was very difficult for parents to keep the magic and secrecy around the figure of Santa Claus, so he had an idea.He would send letters to children around the world pretending to be Santa Claus. To give you more realism got a postal address in the North Pole and accompanies your shipments with photos and postcards of the “home of Santa Claus”.

The parents, who write letters and get in touch with him, are paid $ 10, for each letter sent. Since 2001, when it launched this Internet business idea, it has sent more than 300,000 letters.


The idea may seem surprising but, do you think dogs need a pair of glasses?  Well it seems affirmative to many people who have these as pets, since Doggles sells glasses (not graduated, that counts) to dogs from all over the world.

The idea of this Internet business came to the owner of a dog who loved to pull his head out the window of the car, but the wind was annoying. One day he tried to put on snug fit glasses and the problem disappeared.

In addition to selling these glasses, they also sell sunglasses for dogs, something that serves for little more than to make a funny photo to our pet, but that has demand.

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