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Dropshipping is an e-commerce variant, also known as e-commerce, in which it is not necessary for the seller to have the products in stock, rather it promotes them through the web and it is the supplier himself who sends it directly to the customer.

Therefore, the online store is responsible for the promotion of the product, from its sale, database invoicing and management, but it does not work directly with the product. It is the supplier or wholesaler who is in charge of storing, packaging and shipping the products.

The factors.

One of the factors that you must take into account, if you decide for this business model is the supplier selection. An intensive search on Google or get in touch with the manufacturer are good systems to know the market and select the most effective and economical companies.

Keep in mind that who ends up giving face to the customer if there are problems with the status of the product, delays in shipments or loss of the package is the seller and not the one who sends it.

Four dropshipping advantages.

Reduced capital is needed to get the business up and running. It can be a good formula to get in touch with e-commerce because it does not oblige to invest large sums of money, since they do not have to buy the product until they have sold it. Neither do they need an additional space for storage.

Reduction of paperwork. With this business formula, orders are avoided based on inventory and sales forecasts, storage and product organization.

Greater creativity and more effective sales strategy. The need to invest less in procedures and purchase of product in advance helps the vendor to focus his/her efforts on employing online marketing strategies to improve results. In addition, you can invest in a more creative and effective website and promote it through SEO, SEM and other types of online advertising.

Variety of products. Not having to store the products or buy them in advance allows the seller to offer a wider range of products, and even diversify the market to different types of items.

Shopify: the best way to create your business.

Shopify is a platform for establishing online stores that makes it easy for marketers to create their store and avoid technical problems. It also offers advice to find the right suppliers and the necessary steps to start up the business.

In addition, the platform, which has 325 thousand registered sellers, it allows you to customize the domain and the website layout, and makes it easier for you to work with a wide range of templates and features to offer customers. It offers 70 payment gateways, support for taxes, gift cards and discount codes and optimized search engines, among others.

On the other hand, Shopify offers different ways to sell, from virtual store, shopping button to install in any web, retail package, commerce in Facebook and even, electronic commerce for companies.

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