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From a suicidal attempt, to a millionaire idea

pagoskawaii 6 de July del 2017 Business
At his worst moment, Martín Gutiérrez was unemployed and without money. Today he has represented Mexico before the G20 and the UN.

Nine years ago, Martín Gutiérrez tried to commit suicide for the third and last time. He failed, of course. This last attempt consisted in throwing himself against a moving truck, however, for his good (or bad) fortune, he left unharmed. Martin returned home with the accumulated frustration not only of having a bad season, but of the one who does not know – or cannot – finish with it.

What happened next

The next day he met a gelatin merchant. He asked for the recipe. He gave it to him.  He went for the ingredients. He put a touch of tapioca. He came to offer it as a product for gastrointestinal problems. It sold well in stores, and then went up to sell them to trucks. He hired a whole bunch of vendors. Eureka! An entrepreneur had been born.

The story tells Martin himself in a cafe. He is dressed in black, sturdy, formal clothes and garments decorated with the UN that he obtained a few weeks ago when he was invited by the Commission of Young Coparmex Entrepreneurs to represent Mexico at the G20 summit in Berlin.

Moneda Blanca

Today, Martín no longer throws himself at the trucks nor goes up to sell gelatins, although, from time to time, he does appear some with the exterior covered with the publicity of his brand, Moneda Blanca, signature of naturist products with almost 100 Products in the catalog.

He affirms that they started with 200 pesos and today, Moneda Blanca is a company that invoices millions of dollars a year, they have about 30 thousand distributors only in Mexico, and presence in six countries.

The brand grew not only because of the intelligence and vision of this 31-year-old entrepreneur, but also because he knew how to approach the right institutions.

Support and sponsorship

The National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) was in charge of incubating Martin’s project, they supported it, and continues to support, with the technical advice, and food knowledge, as well as natural benefits, and taught him to do from a label to the appropriate formulas so that a product works in the body. Gutiérrez has taken advantage of his own success story to create a business incubator, in which he assures not to charge for the service, but to demand a lot from the new entrepreneurs.

For Martin, entrepreneurship is a serious and passionate thing. That is why he has not limited himself to the challenge of creating companies, not only with those who come to the incubator, but also with his own.

In addition to these projects, Gutiérrez runs an investment fund and owns Fibonacci, a brand that also focuses on naturist products.


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