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How to make money while you sleep or you are on a beach?

pagoskawaii 2 de March del 2017 Business
There is a little revolution on the labor market. But making money without being in front of your business or changing it for your time is not that easy. It involves creating a profitable business which you attract a loyal audience through a system that does not need to be managed by you 10 hours a day.

We are going to review certain strategies to make some money while you sleep, or you are enjoying an excellent tan on the beach.

These are the things people do at the moment to set strategies to be successful on business:

  1. They have a business without location.
They have set up a 100% online business in which they can work from anywhere in the world. They mainly sell training through the web and services they can provide with their laptop.

And, believe it or not, no matter the topic or field. There is not any sector that is not able to generate an online business, with few exceptions.

There are people who succeeded by setting up a math virtual school. Others who work as travel advisors who provides services related to Feng Shui, or some related directly to the most common marketing sectors. (copywriting, placement, social networks)

And these services are provided from India, Bali, the sofa of your home in Madrid or France. Location is never a problem thanks to technology.

  1. They have created a system with a teamwork.
Their business is documented, processed and managed by others apart from them. they have a team that delegates 80% of the tasks to focus on only 20% and have time for them.

Obviously, this does not occur from the first day. The important thing here is that those who want to live without being 24 hours in front of their business know that, little by little, they should be delegating tasks.

Perhaps they first delegate the accounting part, then, they should hire a virtual assistant, and then other collaborators as editors, programmers or designers, and so on. Without a team there is no business, and getting to live without being a slave working alone is almost impossible.

This does not mean that you cannot manage a business alone, much less. But if you want to change the world, live without being glued to the screen and carry your message to as many people as possible, it is impossible to do it alone.

  1. Not everything is rosy.
Even if they have an online business with no timetables and no bosses, they lock themselves when necessary in creating new products or services for months. They know that it is worth paying the price a few months in exchange for others with freedom.

The important thing is that, working with online training, what you do is good for a long time. If you create a course, it sells for at least one or two years without problem. Then it is updated and improved, but the base is there.

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