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How Worldwide Finances Affect Regular People

Emily 8 de October del 2016 Business
Some people have the misbelief that things that happen in big or small companies and countries don’t affect them, when they couldn’t be more wrong. Everything that happens in our closely connected world today affect us to some degree. The reason is simple: we no longer live in isolation from other places, there is constant interaction from one another.

Take a huge crisis as an example: if several major companies were to shut down for any reason, of course those who work there would be immediately affected, but it doesn’t stop there.

Suppliers would earn less money and they’d have less work; that means firing or laying people off because they aren’t needed. Clients, on the other hand, would have to find another source to continue going. Sellers of the product would need to find a way to provide a similar product hoping people buy it, and so on and so forth.


You were fired and now you can’t find a job?

If those who are fired cannot find a job elsewhere, then it adds up to poverty, which leads to people working any job they can find just to keep afloat, and youngsters beginning to work at an early age, leaving studying aside to help their family out. Some effects could even be suicide and increased crime rates. And if the aftermath isn’t quickly solved, the quality of life of the community decreases exponentially.

Now, on a smaller scale, let’s say one company that manufactures any given material shuts down. Now their client needs to find another company to supply the same materials, but it’ll be at a higher cost because supply has decreased. And once they have the product, they aren’t the one who will be paying for the extra expenses, but rather the regular people who buy the final product.

We’re all linked together, and the actions of one undoubtedly create a shockwave unseen by most that affects us all.

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