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Ideas that changed history in their time

pagoskawaii 6 de March del 2017 Business
A business cannot and will not survive if they do always the same. It cannot excel from its competitors if they do not innovate, or they do not do new things.

That is what innovation means, and it is very important that each company, its bosses and the most important executives understand the importance of innovating. What it is going to be introduced with this article are real stories that during their time were the big success of innovation.

It is very simple to say and point out the importance of innovation, but it is not that simple to apply. We have heard many successful ideas throughout time, and some of the have been an absolute failure after their success.

Failure in Innovative Business Ideas.

In this section, we want to show you great ideas that at the time were a Boom! No matter how successful those ideas were, they finally went to the canvas. Innovative business ideas have taken as an example of the resounding failure they have had for not wanting to innovate.

Surely you already know the history of the companies that we will introduce you and become familiar to you. I take them as examples as we will do and we will take this subject to a more drastic level. These are the innovative business ideas that were successful and now lost participation or simply no longer exist:

  1. Kodak.
In 1900, George Eastman was like the Steve Jobs. Kodak brand in its time was one of the great innovative business ideas. George had created the best invention in that time, the evolution in the way of taking photographs. This company had an absolute leadership. When it came to the best pictures it was always Kodak. But what happened to this great company and its great innovative idea?

The technology advance reached it. But that was not the reason why they fell down. The real reason they lost market share was because they came to a conflict and, an indecision about whether to go digital or stay in the analogous era. That was the cause of its failure. After it took some time to decide to switch to the digital age, they finally bet on it. The problem was that they thought too much and their competitors were already ahead.

  1. Social Networks.
We have the example of Myspace, Messenger (which buzzed people when they wanted to talk). But what about those great communication tools? We are in the information age and this is growing very fast.

Communication through social networks is getting better. The success of Facebook is due to that. It has improved and has made it easier for us to communicate with many more people. It has arrived with a surprising and innovative proposal that has enchanted and distanced us from those social networks we enjoyed as adolescent.

  1. Mattel.
The great toy company Mattel has had one of the great innovative business ideas and one of the products that has had much participation and acceptance in the market. Barbie was its an example of that, but this is part of the past. Now with other dolls like Bratz. These dolls have a different life from that of Barbie. Bratz doll is a single woman who enjoys the holidays and her friends. The curious thing about Bratz is that its designer presented the doll to Mattel, but they did not even pay attention to them. now Bratz sells lot more than Barbie, and it has a huge percentage on the market.


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