» » If you are an entrepreneur, you have asked yourself these questions and we answer them for you.

If you are an entrepreneur, you have asked yourself these questions and we answer them for you.

pagoskawaii 16 de August del 2017 Business
Being your own boss sounds great. But when we embark on the adventure of having a venture, we discover that everything is not rosy. On the road to success, we will find many obstacles, but I assure you that the worst of all will be your head. The power of the mind is incredible!

We know that it is not easy to have a successful venture and, in the process, many doubts arise. That is why today we answer the questions that torment you so that your microenterprise works. Know them!

1-. Where do I get the most time?

You are not going to make the day have 30 hours so it is best to lower a change. Managing a venture means you may sleep 6 hours instead of 8, but you can not do anything. Most ventures fail in the first year: if you manage to overcome that barrier, you will be closer to success.

2-. How do I maintain the house, take care of the children and make my business work?

Do not think that only the entrepreneurs happen to them. The house and the kids are also part of the job even if you are not your own boss. Organize your day with a schedule and take advantage when the kids are in school to dedicate to your project. When they come back, you can give each one a task to help with things in the house. Remember that success depends on 20% of the talent and 80% of the desire that is put into what is done. Do not put the arms down!

3-. Why am I stuck?

It is good to work at home, but sometimes the key is to go out and go to work in a shared office to surround yourself with people with the same energy and vitality as you. In pursuit of success, the company is very important. Although you work on your own, make sure that the space where you develop your activities has a constructive and thriving environment. That will help you not sink and get ahead more easily.

4-. Why do not they give me the accounts?

Rest assured that it happened to us all. You are not an economist or an entrepreneur, so do not pretend that the numbers always close. Do not despair. It’s going to take several months to make a profit and that does not mean you’ve failed. My grandfather is a trader and says that in all businesses, of the total annual profit, 2% is loss. So that you keep it in mind!

In all regions of the world, entrepreneurs show greater well-being than people who are not involved in the process of starting a business or running a business. So you no longer have an excuse to sink. Encourage your entrepreneurial spirit and do not give up!

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