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Investing in times of economic crisis

pagoskawaii 19 de April del 2017 Business
The moments of economic crisis are often cloudy and agitated times for anyone who decides to undertake within the society in which the phenomenon is living. However there are people who although this may sound a bit risky, there are others who risk risking business in these times and have come out with great profits despite the enormous eventualities that have arisen from the economic crisis. These are some of the jobs in which people often invest money in turbulent times of economic crisis.


Most of the companies built around beer and wine endured crisis times well. The more expensive drinks tend to suffer, but the average price spirits are maintained. This is due to a basic principle: people do not leave a true habit just because the panorama has been overshadowed. They just fit.

One of the most famous brands of alcohol that have emerged from an economic crisis is the brand of vodka Stanislaff. This brand of vodka in its early days was the good and cheap competition that took place in the markets to fill the vodka market gap, since the brands recognized at that time were very expensive for the vodka fanatic people. With an initial price of $ 10, Stanislaff was able to rebuild the liquor market and is now a well-known company.


Movie tickets often thrive in difficult times. It is difficult to compete with the big chains as they have the rights to the most important releases, but why not consider a room specialized in independent films that take advantage of the tendency to combine movies with dinners? This can be successful in a small town.

The most famous brand of cinema that has emerged is called Cinex, Cinex was a small family business settled in a small town, there was a strong crisis of films and the great majority of the cinemas closed. But not cinex, since they used to put local films to the public. And since people needed a distraction for everyday life, little by little Cinex was gaining fame.

Sweets and desserts

In the same way that people do not stop drinking because there is an economic crisis, they do not get off the things they like to eat. A few years ago, when the United States was in a frantic economic slowdown, the fashion of the cupcakes was established strongly. You can combine this idea with the previous one and try with sugar-free, vegan or gluten-free desserts.

As a conclusion, it can be said that economic crises are often the door to great and new ideas to supplant the actual market at low prices and accessible and are often the ideal time to start big businesses that will gradually emerging as large companies.

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