» » Jenk Oz, the 12-year-old boy who founded and runs his own company

Jenk Oz, the 12-year-old boy who founded and runs his own company

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Jenk Oz is a British entrepreneur who created a content portal for children and young people between 8 and 15-year-old. But this is not the reason the media interview him. What is catching the attention of the press is his age: he is barely 12 years old.

Oz lives in Oxford, where he goes to school. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he realized that there was something that set him apart from his classmates. When they were not in school, they spent time doing things like playing football or some video game. Oz, however, always had plans: a play, a graffiti or a DJ course.

His friends began to ask him how he found out about these things and if they could join him. It was there, with only 8 years, this schoolboy saw a business opportunity.

ICoolKids is born

Oz presented his idea at school. It was a content portal in which children and teenagers could learn about the coolest (or fashionable) activities of the week. Three years later, iCoolKids was born, the website where young people can read about subjects as diverse as music, science, sports or art.

Articles like “What if Tyrannosaurus rex smelled like roses?” Are mixed with others like “The Jordan transform for Wahlberg” or “The best summer camps of 2017”.

He gives some advice for those who want to entrepreneur

The most important thing is to constitute what he calls an ideal board of directors. In his opinion, this should consist of about 5 or 6 people.


Board members must have “different backgrounds and different life experiences”. And, even if it is a children’s business aimed at children, Oz advised that there should always be “at least one adult.” In fact, Oz has some working for him. Among them, his mother. But, he also said there must also be someone younger than you.

Having such a diverse board, on the one hand, helps you to expand the ideas you already have, and, on the other, it is useful to have someone tell you what can work or what can fail.


The young entrepreneur also advises to look at the personality of these members. He says that they must be good at listening and completely impartial.

In addition, it is crucial to meet with everyone at least once a month. Although, for Oz, you do not need to do it all at once. He stresses that it is important to communicate with them regularly: This forces you to continue to grow your ideas.

Social networks

If today’s young people know something, it’s social networking. ICoolKids revenue comes from marketing and advertising, so Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are platforms that the company takes very seriously. But you must know how to use them.

‘likes’ do not matter, the followers do not matter, just keeps growing and interact with your community,” Oz concluded.

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