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Life Experiences and Entrepreneurship Tips

pagoskawaii 13 de April del 2017 Business
Within the business world there are personalities who have stood out thanks to their life experiences. These experiences are often the key tool within a business life philosophy that leads large business owners to be the big role models for future generations of entrepreneurs.

These two entrepreneurs that today I will mention have had good and bad experiences that have been able to lead with wisdom and knowledge to a good outcome within the evolution of your company.

Fred Smith and his belic experience

The first to mention within this small list of personalities who have known how to bring their life experience to the big malls of business life is Fred Smith. Fred Smith is very well known in the world of entrepreneurs for being the founder of one of the postal delivery franchises within the world: Fedex.

Fedex has been characterized by its great logistics in the distribution of the merchandise throughout the world. This extraordinary characteristic is born thanks to the experience of war that had its founder inside the Vietnam War.

It was during his time as air controller that he saw the great efficiency of the US military logistics to distribute his goods to the soldiers inside the North Vietnamese territory. This logistics was efficient thanks to order, discipline, leadership and sense of urgency. One of the great advices given by Mr. Fred Smith when it comes to advising new entrepreneurs is this: you always have to trust managers and you always have to ask managers to give their best every day.

Jeff Bezos and his experience

Bezos is one of the less famous personalities of the Internet. This is due to her personality too introverted and too shy to come out. However, he is one of the founders of one of the most famous web pages of buying and selling Internet products in the last years: Amazon.com

Bezos, in 1992, was senior vice president for “The New York hedge fund D.E. Shaw.” He described his dream of creating a company that sells books on the Internet. His boss listened carefully before giving him a little tip: “That sounds like a very good idea, but it would be a better idea for someone who did not already have a good job.”

Guided by his vision and passion, Bezos decides to ignore the advice of his boss and in 1994 he starts his project, but it would take him more than 6 months to report his first quarterly profit. Patience and perseverance have been key factors in making Amazon an important and enduring company.

The biggest tip Jeff Bezos often says to future entrepreneurs is “Whatever happens, if you have a clear vision of what you want to do and a dream, just do it.” So it takes you months to see the results, if you think that is the right way to do business then do it. There is no victory without sacrifices.

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