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Marijuana is the Highest Growth Industry in the U.S

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The legal marijuana industry is in full swing, and new businesses thrive throughout the United States. If you like sustainable business opportunities with fast turnover and exceptional growth rates, this is your chance to invest and learn more.

The growing cannabis industry in North America is not only interesting for people with financial resources; It can also be a source of inspiration for European politicians and leaders who may be thinking of establishing a reasonable drug policy that fits the reality of the 21st century. That has to do with politics. But let’s focus on business.

The US Senate introduced in 2015 the Marijuana Access to Banking Business Act, which allows financial institutions to invest in legitimate businesses in the marijuana industry.

Investing in a market with lots of uncertainty.

Financial institutions and private investors are often quite skeptical about investing in marijuana in a business context. It is understandable, due to its current legal situation, and apart from all the contradiction between federal and state law which complicates the situation even more. The following points are the main reasons why investing in the marijuana industry could be something positive.

  1. The legal situation is rapidly changing towards a favorable trading environment.
23 out of the 50 US states have legalized the use of medicinal and, in some cases, recreational cannabis. This number continues to increase and there are other states that voted on the issue in 2016. We have already mentioned the Access to Banks Act for Marijuana Businesses that offers a safe place for investors.

  1. Growth rates and future prospects are more than promising.
It is basically the “weed fever” of modern times. The ArcView Group is an investment and research company for the cannabis industry based in Oakland, California. This company has found that the legal market for cannabis had a market value of $ 2.7 billion in 2014, up from $ 1.5 billion in 2013. That is, a 74% increase over 2013. Troy Dayton, CEO of ArcView Group says: “Over the past year, the boom in the cannabis industry has gone from being an interesting conversation in a bar to America’s fastest growing industry.” According to a report by this company, if all U.S states legalize marijuana, their sales could reach an amount of $ 36.8 billion.

  1. The market is still developing and, fortunately, many investors are reluctant.
Big companies have doubts about the opportunities of this market. This could be because federal law has not got to the point of recognizing the money coming from dispensaries. These businesses are forced to run with cash, just like in the old days of prohibition.

This will probably change and investors will flood the cannabis business money as soon as the federal legal framework gives them grounds to think that their money will be safe. Private investors and financial institutions that are willing to operate in a non-legal 100% area have the opportunity to acquire securities before major investors do.

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