» » McDonalds VS. Burger King: rivalry of two giants, in figures

McDonalds VS. Burger King: rivalry of two giants, in figures

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Choosing is a matter of very personal tastes. But there are also numbers and curiosities that make one to decide. Here we give them. And you eat what you want.

Yeah, changing the name and putting Burger King with U was an early joke. An innocent in which we have fallen because of having arrived a day earlier than usual. So, we happily accepted that we stick a paper doll in the back and left the news to, this time yes, true facts and contrasted for you to decide which of the two franchises is your favorite.

Both chains were founded in the United States. McDonald’s (California) was conceived by two brothers who opened a barbecue restaurant in 1940. Eight years later, they established the innovative “Speed Service System”, which they founded, without knowing it, the bases of the present fast food. Following this, the first McDonald’s opened in Phoenix in 1953. Its great rival was founded months later that same year due to the visit of two gentlemen to the restaurant. Fascinated by their speed, they created in Florida Insta-Burger King. The company broke down at age six, but its franchisees were acquired, and erased the name ‘Insta’.

In 1971, McDonald’s made the leap to Asia and opened in Tokyo. A few months later, they opened their first European restaurant in Holland. Burger King, on the other hand, began its expansion, literally, in Spain: in 1975, the company stepped in Europe for the first time in the Plaza de los Cubos in Madrid. From here, Burger King made the leap to Germany, then to Asia. From here, Burger King made the leap to Germany, then to Asia.

McDonald’s boasts 36,000 stores in 119 countries, making it the largest fast food chain in the world. Burger King, however, is present in 79 countries with more than 13,000 establishments. There is, therefore, almost three times more McDonald’s than Burger King.

On the other hand, and thanks to the fact that it produces a million and a half a year, McDonald’s is the biggest distributor of toys worldwide. Burger King is not going bad either: at the end of the fiscal year of 2015 its matrix entered $ 150 million.

In 1957, the first Whopper saw the light. And although this hamburger has grown and waned over the years, its denomination refers to its ‘oversized’ size. According to Burger King, it is composed of “juicy great quality grilled beef, tomato and fresh lettuce brought from an orchard, soft onion and tasty gherkin accompanied by mayonnaise and ketchup”.536.4 calories and 26 grams of fat

In 1967 McDonald’s decided that its rival would be the Big Mac: “Two 100% burgers of beef, lettuce, onion, pickle, Cheddar-type melted cheese and our special sauce,” according to its website. 509 calories and 26 grams of fat. Its global price is measured each year by The Economist in The Big Mac Index since 1986, as an indication of currency exchange correction.

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