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Mercedes and Uber join forces to create autonomous car network

pagoskawaii 21 de March del 2017 Business
Mercedes-Benz is planning to operate a network of unmanned cars that can be booked through the Uber application, in the latest breakthrough in the evolution of autonomous technology in the automotive sector.

Uber will offer the service along with its existing transportation options. It will receive part of the profits while Daimler, the Mercedes parent company, will operate the vehicle network. Uber will retain control of the passenger network.

The two companies declined to disclose details about the project’s schedule or finances. Rivals such as Ford and BMW are developing autonomous vehicles scheduled to go public on roads by 2021.

The automobile industry on autonomous vehicle.

Car manufacturers are rushing to develop self-contained systems to reduce automobile accidents by eliminating the human error of the driving experience.

Daimler’s treatment points the way to a new transportation model, in which autonomous cars are not owned by individuals, but from car companies and transport networks, and are only requested according to the customers’ needs.

The agreement.

The agreement between Daimier and Uber sets a change of the intense competence between the two groups that it once describe their relationship as “enemies.” These was expressed by Dieter Zetsche, Daimler CEO.

Daimler owns a small Uber competitor in Europe, called My Taxi; Uber’s previous relationships include a deal with Toyota, which has invested in the company, and with Volvo, which is collaborating with Uber to test their partially autonomous sports utility vehicles.

Under the terms of the deal, Daimler will not take a stake in Uber, the two companies will not share technology and each will continue to carry out its own research and development efforts.

Countries in which this agreement will take place.

The network is likely to launch first in the US and Europe, although it is likely to expand to China and other emerging markets, according to one individual with knowledge of the plans.

However, the companies asserted that it would probably take “years” to implement the network.

The agreement is non-exclusive, which allows any of the companies to be able to associate with other operators.

Damler Technology.

The Damler partially autonomous technology is one of the most developed from those that are for sale. Its latest model Mercedes E Class Sedan drives by itself, taking control of the steering and the brakes, and changing lane in countries or states where it is allowed by the regulators.

The company has also designed a plan to develop fully autonomous systems.

Uber’s real plans.

In a blog post Tuesday, Travis Kalanick, Uber’s chief executive, said the company has no plans to create its own vehicles. He said that making vehicles is very difficult. That is why they want to find partners with other companies, rather than manufactures themselves.

Uber has invested heavily in its efforts to develop technology that allows cars to drive themselves through the use of lasers, sensors and software.



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