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Millennials. Business opportunities

pagoskawaii 10 de March del 2017 Business
Socially, politically, economically and technologically, nothing has to do with the world that saw the birth of the millennials with which they are now as consumers. That has marked their personality, their habits, and their tastes. Let’s see how they are and how to seduce them.

The millennials generation are very concerned about ecological, ethical, sustainable development, and recycling. We have seen them doing some protests, as well as making their own businesses by simply investing a couple of dollars.

Rental services and everyday objects.

There are many business opportunities related to the rental option rather than the purchase. This is the case of music, like Spotify, or any other product or service. From renting a house on vacation, to a car, motorcycle, bicycle, video game arcade, office for hours, terrace for events, kitchen for catering, etc.

In collaborative code.

this is the generation that has given rise to the collaborative economy. This is the real point of revolution in world economies. Companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Blablacar, YouTube, or Wikipedia are a clear example of how the new generations feel comfortable sharing and being the supplier and consumer at the same time. This even goes to new forms of funding, with the triumph of crowdfunding.

Low demand.

Everything that satisfies your need for instant pleasure has a lot of future. You are seeing that in certain sectors such as delivery food, but the tendency is that it can be extended to other sectors. A millennial looks every time that he waits less in the process from a problem set, and the solution for that. It is a bit the model on demand, that solve problems to you under a click.

Without frictions.

It is promoting everything related to the payment means, and the development of logistics networks that eliminates any kind of friction in the buying process: If the page is dropped, if it takes more than five seconds to load, if the purchase process becomes cumbersome, the millennial leaves. With which future applications and solutions that go in this direction have a lot of future.

Purchase Intermediaries.

And in some cases, even, they do not just deliver it to you but they even make the purchase. You will tell them what you want, and the person will do the search. They will allow you to pay by using any payment means (in which he does not cost to enter the data) and will give it to you. This model in the United States is performing by the company Operator. It is about being faster and more efficient.

Whatever you are looking for now. The millennial generation looks for something practical, easy to do, reliable, and trustworthy. People from this century are doing the things simpler, and more efficient to complete and make their lives easier.



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