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Millionaires before 18

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Often you hear that age is no impediment to successfully traverse the stages of life; if this is true, and there is no age limit for love, the evidence shows that there is not to succeed, and even less, to become rich.

What have in common all these young entrepreneurs who barely reach 18 and can be said to be part of the millionaire group on the planet? Many of them are still almost a child.


Is it perhaps a lack of money, the emergence of a great need, the education of parents and schools, or will the entrepreneurial spirit is taking over the new generations? The truth is that in a globalized world with great technological developing day by day advances, people are increasingly able to meet their own needs by themselves, and making good use of the tools arranged, whether computer, networking or mere creativity , entrepreneurial success lies within the reach of everyone, regardless largely chronological age.


This is corroborated by the story of young people who well know how to identify business opportunities and been able to achieve million bills today and from an early age. Dare to know the history of 5 entrepreneurs who despite the difficulties and the lack of experience achieved professional success and even managed to become millionaires as teenagers. Take a look at these 5 cases:


Origami Owl

An American teenager Isabella Weems of 18 years old, began in the entrepreneurial world for a very common need in teenagers today:she wanted to buy a car.

For this in 2010 she created Origami Owl, an online platform selling jewelry. With an initial investment of $350 which saved working as nanny, she started making jewelry which initially sold to friends and acquaintances and then to resellers accessories. Two years later, in 2012, the online platform was able to bill $25 million for next year the goal was to reach $250 million.

List – It

For many it may be hard to believe but one of the co-founders of this project was the small Davi Braga, a Brazilian just 13 years. List – it is a platform with a system purchase school supplies online. However, the most surprising of this child, in addition to his entrepreneurial spirit, is its great capacity for speech, as has presented his idea in various university forums in Brazil and has given several interviews with great ease. Currently, Davi is looking for stores that may be associated with the platform.


The Hindu Angad Daryani built his first robot when he was 8 years old. At 13, and he mounted his own version of RepRap, a 3D printer. Now with 15 years, he has created SharkBot, a negligible one billion people modified version of RepRap, which will be the first 3D printer for home and whose initial market launch will be India.

Currently, one of the prototypes of the printer is being tested and used at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, which confirms that this young man has everything a promising future ahead. Angad has an official website where it shows his projects, creations and what is able to make the aforementioned 3D printer.



Megan Grassel is an American student and was unsatisfied consumer because no suitable bras for her younger sister of 13 years. It was then that he decided to solve this deficiency and create something innovative with its own brand, Yellowberry. This company manufactures comfortable bras and adapted in various colors for girls between 11 and 15 years, and was able to raise $41,000 in a web of collective funding a “Kickstarter”. After raising campaign, which exceeded the initial amount requested, the entire first collection was sold. Today the brand is very popular and requested by your target audience no doubt that turned out to be a millionaire project.


This story is already more or less known. At age 15, Madison Robinson created her own company, FishFlops, whose business model was to make sandals for children of different colors and designs. This company already managed to bill her first million. Significantly, the designs are made by the same Madison and are inspired by two of her greatest passions: fishing and swimming. The teenager has become her own designer products, and these are very popular in the area where she lives. Today, the company has expanded its product line and also sells pretty sandals, shirts and children’s books that she wrote.


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