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Most solid banks in the world

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The most solvent banks are those that are better prepared to face a crisis, those that have more capital to suffer losses if they produce a credit retraction.

The financial banks’ health is a sine qua non condition for the normal functioning of countries in the current world organization states. Its absence stops the economy, and it also can destroy it.

The most relevant fact is the solvency of the so-called systemic banks, well known because their bankruptcy can affect the stability of the whole system. And, especially, its evolution over time, its trend. There are systemic global and systemic banks.

The most solid bank in the world.

Wells Fargo is the largest bank in the world with a value of €226 billion, ahead of the Chinese bank ICBC, which after falling 25% in stock market compared to 2015 lowers a position and is placed as second largest bank to World level.

American banks on the rise.

US banks have risen in the face of competition from Chinese and European banks. This is reflected that the European bank, the English HSBC, moves to the eighth place. The top ten of world banks by nationalities has the same composition, with 4 US banks, 4 Chinese banks, a UK bank and the Australian Commonwealth Bank.

Why they are the most solid banks?

They are the largest, most complex and diverse business, and the most interconnected. For them there are greater controls and capital requirements. Today there are 30 banks considered as global systems.

Spanish bank Banco Santander, the second European bank with a value of €60 billion, falls five places to the sixteenth place due to the hard falls in the stock market that has suffered during the last months. The other large Spanish bank, BBVA loses four positions to number 33, with a capital of €39 billion.

You can see how these banks have their ups and downs every year. They are going to depend deeply on their capital, the trust the customers and investors have on them, and the loan capacity to face any situation they may live. Here are the top three most solid banks in the world.


It is the world’s largest bank in terms of market value, the world’s largest deposit bank, and the world’s most profitable bank. It was founded as a corporation on January 1, 1984. It has more than 18,000 outlets including 106 overseas branches, 2.5 million corporate customers and 150 million individual customers.

Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo is the second largest bank in deposits, mortgage services, and debit cards. Wells Fargo was named “the safest US Bank in the world” by Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor’s.

Bank of America.

It is the second largest banking holding company in the United States by assets. As of 2010, Bank of America is the fifth largest company in the United States by total revenues, and the third non-oil company (after Wal-Mart and General Electric).


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