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New business? Are Food Trucks Profitable?

pagoskawaii 6 de February del 2017 Business
Setting a food truck may satisfy office people, millennials, and families’ need that look for a fast option to eat.

A gourmet gastronomic offer, a differentiated concept and a route around the whole city, can attract more customers.  This is a time where mobility sets the rules in many areas every day in the world. Food trucks appear on the scene of big cities as a wheel option to restaurants, and fast food business in general.

The concept emerged 100 years ago in the United States with a cart as a transportation mean. Throughout the years, it evolved until turn in what we can see now. Authentic rolling restaurants that, mounting in adapted vehicles or manufactured per se have the necessary to prepare food on board, and delivering them in different geographical points

Business Model.

With an itinerary route that runs different food truck parks, fairs, an events around the city, it sells food made instantly, as well as non-alcoholic drinks. Its timetable will depend on each space. They mostly open from Tuesday to Sunday.


Millennials, socio-economical level A.B, and C, who like to enjoy new dishes in alternative places. Families go mainly on weekends, while people who work on offices attend these stalls during weekdays.


A brand-new truck totally equipped with a kitchen, and counts with all safety measures, such as any gas, or fire leaks. They are made totally stainless still with nonflammable material.


They count with a kitchen, industrial cookware, an iron, or a grill, and oven, and a sink or dishwasher.


A cook, a kitchen aid, an assistant, and a cashier. The owner of the truck can work as a manager, or administrator.

Relationship with the clients.

To start with a food truck means much more than having a truck where it is possible to prepare and sell food. It is to understand and participate in a culture that also advocates for the environment and sustainability, then for new tendencies that always seek for everyone´s sake.

That is why those who decide to participate in this business must keep in mind that customers are and will be their priority. Therefore, it is worth considering using various strategies to identify, captivate and retain them.

At the same time, make your social networks an extension of your business and use them as a link to your customers by publishing your location and menu; But also special promotions for your followers.

Income flow.

The main income source in a food truck is the direct food and beverages sale (garages that share several trucks) in food truck parks, guild festivals, and in mass events such as car races, musical concerts, or sports events. Or, you can earn income by renting your truck to a third party, participate in private, or corporate events

As you can see, a food truck is much more than a food trailer: it is a true scale restaurant that requires investment and similar processes to those locals.

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