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The new virtual currency Monero

pagoskawaii 20 de July del 2017 Business
The cryptocurrency business is increasingly booming due to the great need to have different currencies inside the internet to buy or sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The sale of these currencies generate in an average user a profit of more than 1000 $ per month.

That is why many times we have been hearing that the business of cryptocurrencies is one of the most stable within the virtual markets. These virtual markets are the easiest way to sell these cryptocurrencies without interference from any bank in question.

One of the famous coins that we are going to talk about today is Monero. Monero is a very new currency that has entered the virtual market and today is generating a profit of 45 $ to anyone who mines or has in his virtual wallet coins monero.


In principle, Monero (XMR) was born with the name BitMonero, a union between bitcoin Bitcoin and, literally, ‘currency’ in the Esperanto language. So far, faithful to the philosophy of privacy as a fundamental human right, only seven of his groups of seven developers have revealed their name: Riccardo Spagni, a software expert from South Africa, and Francisco Cabañas, a Canadian physicist; Both also enthusiasts of the cryptocurrencies.

After bifurcation and renaming, developers were tasked with improving their original code and integrating the CryptoNight algorithm for mining, where they vote for the order of transactions, new features in the protocol and fair distribution of money.

Monero is a very valuable cryptocurrency due to its enormous ease of use and its anonymity on the Web. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Monero often uses interent and javascript code very anonymous in the web. This means that people can exchange this currency without knowing each other, which is a huge advantage for anonymity.

How to Obtain Monero

To obtain Monero you need to mine it inside the internet with computer equipment specialized in mining Monero or you can buy it inside the exchange houses of the web in the virtual markets.

Monero is going to be one of the most valued cryptocurrencies in the last years. The growth of this virtual currency and the increasingly important position of the virtual currencies in the world market will represent a promising future for the monetary investment of this most important virtual currency in the last years. The creators of Monero have made available thousands of tools so that people can already have these virtual currencies within their virtual wallets for the marketing of them.

This is a unique opportunity to invest in this virtual currency that increasingly has more fans inside their virtual wallets, so if you are not yet decided to invest in this virtual currency, this is an excellent opportunity to make an important investment in Of your virtual business and thus you can grow monetarily within the internet.

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