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The philosophy of Steve Jobs in 5 steps that will change your life

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Steve jobs always focus in those things Aesthetics, details, innovation, simplicity and user experience are the keys to success for Apple. Success or failure in terms of profits, revenue or market share, is generally measured but none of those factors makes a mark is eternal and alive in the memory of consumers.

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So what is more important? To be the most valuable company in the world or that thousands of people sleeping in the street to be the first to buy the last of your innovations? Steve Jobs was always clear. Why his philosophy endures over time it is an invaluable guide that is changing lives of many entrepreneurs.

  1. Apple brand

Steve Jobs created the only brand in the technology industry that promoted a whole lifestyle. And it is that Apple is a company and more than a high-tech manufacturer. Jobs managed to shape a philosophy of life that puts the computer in people’s life.

  1. Identify products

The concept of personal branding, as detailed in the book, is still quite recent. Among its most prominent precursors is Tom Peters, who enunciated in 1997. What Ojeda proposes is that you must identify all products that are ‘sold’ under a personal brand and you elaborate a list of their customers, indicating the degree of satisfaction from each of them. In this way, you can dedicate efforts to improve each of these products to become the market leader.

  1. Details

Details are everything. Steve Jobs was obsessed with the details so that’s the philosophy that always tried to implement in their products. Take the case of Apple, in the late 70s, Jobs tried to find a differentiator for Lisa, the computer should return the firm to the path of success after the failure of the Apple III. To this end, it closed an agreement with the multinational Xerox and began to visit its research center in Palo Alto, to observe Xerox innovations that opened the door to the desktop, icons, windows and mouse. Those were the details that Jobs was looking for your next computer, Macintosh.

  1. Aesthetics

Apple products catch the eye. That is also the result of the obsession with Steve Jobs who. His goal was that computers would stop intimidating and users feel comfortable using them, something that got relying on the design.

  1. Innovation

The launch of the iPod on October of 2001 is the perfect example. And such was the success of the product soon was already responsible for almost half of revenues of the company. No doubt Jobs realized that was needed to manufacture its own player capable of storing up to 1,000 songs and much simpler than the competition. That’s the lesson: it is necessary to highlight differentiate.

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