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The renowned fast food chain Subway with problems

Parc_336 24 de September del 2016 Business

We all know that fast food is not as healthy food. We have read countless times about the dubious practice of companies like Burger King or McDonald’s. The Subway chain restaurant does not escape of this bad reputation. A British employee of the company has revealed all the dirty rags that hide the shops of snack and sandwiches.


It has done so through the social Network Reddit under the name of ‘SubwayworkerUK’, he said: I know all the details and dirty little secrets. Ask whatever you want. And people were encouraged. He Posted: Chicken stinks when you take it out of the bag; we have to let it aerate a minute or two so that customers do not realize it.

One of the most demanded Subway product is the chicken sandwich. But after reading this, we do not know if they will remain the most demanded. In this regard, the worker recommends customers to avoid the chicken ‘chipotle’ and ‘Teriyaki’; he says that meat expires at two days, usually up to four days.


The worker says the beef is not bad, recommends ordering steak sandwiches, since this meat is usually safer.

A user of this Social Network confirmed the version of ‘SubwayworkerUK’. He worked at a Subway restaurant in the United States for a year and says he saw things worse. Says that he was surprised that in the UK the chicken is only five days at the counter, because when he worked in subway it last much more. By the fifth day, we have told that we have to change the expiration date. With the changes of the shifts I never really knew how long the chicken had on the counter, if five or nine days. He adds that once the boss reprimanded for throwing the Teriyaki chicken, whose date had expired.


Subway has defended off such accusations. A spokesman for the chain said that all chain establishments are managed and operated by franchisees independently. That is, that what happened in a store does not have to be the general rule for all restaurants, as each restaurant has its leaders and employees. However, this representative added that all stores comply with very strict procedures to ensure that products are used safely and that suppliers meet their high standards of food safety and product integrity.

One of the secrets of the rapid growth of the chain lies in the little investment that stakeholders need to carry a franchise, currently the most economical in the fast food area. It also highlights how easy it is to operate and the flexible of the locations, restaurants can be opened with of 50 meters of surface.

Subway faces for the first time bad reviews; we’ll see whether or not it will affect their sales and reputation.


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