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These are the advantages of having a high impact business

pagoskawaii 23 de May del 2017 Business
We tell you more than emotional benefits of having a business with social impact told with real examples. First, we must distinguish between social businesses and businesses with social impact. In theory, social businesses distribute their profits exclusively to continue their operation and aim to solve a social problem.

The other businesses, meanwhile, distribute their profits to owners and shareholders, and their purpose is not necessarily altruistic.

Not as simple as that.

Making this distinction is not so simple. A business affects different actors around it. It generates employment, improves families’ quality of life, favors investors, and provides value to clients. To some extent, all businesses contribute to society and others are counterproductive.

Education will always be the answer.

Education has been a protagonist throughout history. There are several factors that make it much more relevant. First, the scope and feasibility you can have when using the internet.

Since the first industrial revolution, people seem to be busier, and seek more flexible mechanisms to access the education system. On the other hand, the world is being faster than the universities because technology have accelerated everything.

At present, the most demanded profiles are related to technology. They reflect the growth that has had internet demanding people focused on web design and development and mobile apps, and digital marketing. Also, those who are preparing for the Internet’s great arrival of things, and robust systems to collect and analyze enormous amounts of information in real time.

Open Source platforms

They are “free” codes, that means, the code is available to anyone so that you can use it, copy it, modify it, make contributions, distribute it, etc. So, it does not look so confusing, have you heard of WordPress.org? It is a CMS (content manager) where almost anyone can make their own website. You can have the platform to work on templates.

What makes these platforms special is that they allow to “democratize” complex or costly processes. When WordPress hit the market, it allowed most people to have their own website at no cost (beyond the domain). Thus, about 25% of websites in the world are developed on WordPress. Although some technical skills are required to work with WordPress, the learning curve is much faster than other options.

The media and public relations.

Mass media exposure and public relations are not economic for everyone. But when your brand has a relevant story to tell, we would all like it. Free Mind is a Colombian company that started with a simple idea. In a world where everyone was selling energy drinks as a solution to keep up with life, they offer you a relaxing drink.

But this is not what has made Free Mind have had free exposure in the media. They are helping raising funds for a Colombian department called Guajira, where climate changes have affected greatly life there, especially children, who have literally died for starvation.

These are some of the examples and advantages of having a business that truly changes the world. How can you make your company have a much greater impact on society?

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