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This millionaire gave everything he had and lives happily with only 15 objects

Parc_336 23 de September del 2016 Business

James Altucher, author of a large number of self-help books that became ‘best sellers’, the challenge of getting rid of almost all his material possessions and live with only 15 objects, was proposed to get a sense of freedom in his life.


If I die, my children only inherit this bag, says Altucher in an interview while showing a black sports bag containing three shirts, three pairs of pants, two shorts, two pairs of socks, two shoes, a plastic bag with $4,000 in bills a laptop and an iPad.

In the past five years, this ex entrepreneur of technology and financial expert reinvented himself as a self-help guru preaching survival advice in a time when the American dream, a university degree, a job in an office or having a comfortable house has become a really hard task to archive. Therefore, it has gotten rid of all that.

The self-help guru junked online and donated everything he owned and left his apartment in New York. Since then, he sleeps in the homes of friends or in rented apartments. Altucher says that he is practicing what he preaches. He was a millionaire twice and both times was ruined. According to the official website of the writer, now Altucher tries to base his life on the principles of minimalism to get the true richness of life.


He says that, love, happiness, curiosity and friendship are the true richness in life, the emotions that material possession produce make people feel bad and not be able to archives their goals. Love is something that you receive from others and give without any concern.

Speaking of sentimentality towards things and people, the writer says he love his friends and his children, and therefore believes that the true love is minimalism, because true love does not imply desire to own more things or have control over everything. In addition, Altucher insists he wants to get rid of any kind of goals because they are the ways that emotions control you.

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