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Top 10 jobs in the US in 2017

pagoskawaii 23 de March del 2017 Business
Although sometimes it is hard to find, having a job that makes you feel good makes everything easier, and these are favorites in the United States.

We know of the benefits that job satisfaction can bring to an unpredictable life. Having a job that makes you feel good, although sometimes hard to find, makes everything easier. This week a report on more or less satisfactory jobs was published in 2017. The data was posted by CareerBliss, a job search site with more than six million independent business reviews and more than three million job listings.

Taking into account the reviews of employees, these are the jobs that bring greater job satisfaction in 2017.

Marketing specialist.

In the first place of the list is the Marketing specialist job. The average Bliss Score for this paper, based on reviews, is 3,757 of a possible 5.0. This position in marketing, whose average salary is of $52,000 a year, you must be able to exercise creativity and problem solving in favor of building a company’s marketing strategies.


The second place, with an average score of 3,679, is the position of recruiter. To be successful in this job – and, in fact, to enjoy it – you must know how to deal with people, because you will have to interact and help companies hire new talent. The average salary of a recruiter is $ 57,000 per year.

Postgraduate Professor Assistant.

The third place, earning an average salary of nearly $ 29,000, is the post of postgraduate professor assistant. As the job title suggests, you will be in charge of helping postgraduate teachers educate their students, assisting them in grades and perhaps offering other educational services, such as conferences. This job received a score of 3,675 out of 5.

Aspects to be consider to evaluate job positions.

In developing its report, CareerBliss had to qualify a long job lists, and in doing so, they evaluated a total of 25,000 employee reviews. Each job had to get at least 50 reviews to be eligible. The qualification included the following aspects: The relationship of an employee with his boss and co-workers, work environment, work resources, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, company reputation, daily tasks and control over the daily work.

These are the other best qualified jobs in 2017:

4.System developer

5.Marketing director

6.Oil Well Drilling Rig

7.Quality Analyst

8.Technical leader

9.Senior Engineer

10.Network administrator

Requirements needed.

Of course that the majority of these jobs required certain skills, or to be trained by doing courses on the field. For example, if you are planning to become a postgraduate professor assistant, you must have at least a Bachelor degree in Education.

On the other hand, if you are planning to be involved in the oil industry, becoming an oil welder drilling rig, you need at least a one-year-training. In any case, these careers are very well evaluated, and you should consider them in case you want to  hit the job market soon in the US.

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