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Top 3 Places for Business

Emily 25 de January del 2017 Business
Whether you’re a company that wants to grow, or a professional seeking the best economically thriving country, these places will definitely suit your needs.

Best countries to start a business

  1. Denmark
Featuring high-tech agriculture, leading pharmaceutical industries, maritime shipping and renewable energy, this European Union country grants their citizens high standards of living as their laws help balance the distribution of income for everyone. It exports food and energy, although it depends on the import of raw materials. In spite of its economy slowing down since 2007 after the housing boom finished, its GDP growth and GDP per capita continues to rise.

  1. New Zealand
Once based upon an agrarian economy, the country has industrialized and stopped depending on Britain, becoming a free market economy able to compete on a global scale. Although the change has increased incomes in some markets, it has decreased in others. The country was especially affected during the early 2000s economic crisis which lasted until 2009 for them. Since then, they have had a steady growth even though some markets are still fragile due to the lack of demand.

After the Canterbury earthquakes happened, New Zealand has expanded its programs to further continue exporting, developing and investing in creating new technology.

  1. Norway
It’s made of a mixed economy: there’s the private sector, public sector and they have a social safety net just in case. While the government handles specific areas such as the petroleum, hydropower, fishing, forestry and mineral sectors through regulations and whatnot, the private sector thrives in commerce.

Norway is heavily dependent on petroleum, as it makes close to a quarter of its revenues. The country is also one of the largest natural gas and oil exporters. As a safety net, they saved a sizable amount of revenues from it as their well known market prices tend to vary every now and then.

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