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Top 5 Worst Blunders All Businessmen Make, According to Shark Tank

Emily 16 de October del 2016 Business
When it comes to business, everyone is waiting to tell you exactly what you are doing wrong directly to your face, but let’s focus now on the experience of the recognized TV show Shark Tank to find out their advice on what every novice businessman should do – and perhaps more importantly, the worst mistakes businessmen should avoid.


  1. Not thinking big. The fact that you are just starting with a business or this is your first time doesn’t exclude you from facing up to hard challenges. Make yourself and your business relevant for your city, and try to compete with other businesses in your sector. A good strategy is to work hard for your business and find a partner who can help you expand your target to make both a local and global brand.
  1. Getting too cocky. Once your business is up and going, don’t think of yourself as the second coming of Donald Trump or Bill Gates. Find new ways to innovate and expand, and always stay humble.
  1. Not knowing your numbers. This is the key for all big and small business. Get familiar with your accounting, because that is the language of business: know how much you are investing and how much you will get from it beforehand.
  1. Cash flow problems. Cash flow is something you should always have to back up the value of your business. There are some expenses that are inherent and unavoidable in your commerce, and there you will need some money to fall back on.
  1. Not knowing your product. If you don’t go crazy for your product and use it in your daily life, then don’t expect anyone else to like it either. It’s very easy to make a first sale, but ask yourself if your product is good enough to make your client to come back for more the second and the third time around.

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