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“Trumpchi” wants to be sold in USA

pagoskawaii 16 de March del 2017 Business
The Chinese brand is ready to enter the most competitive and difficult automotive market in the world. Several Chinese manufacturers have tried unsuccessfully to enter the attractive American market, but “Trumpchi” is possibly the Chinese brand that can do it.

The first Trumpchi, manufactured by Guangzhou Automobile Group Company (GAC), was launched from the factory based in Guangzhou in 2010, long before its “homonymous” ran for the presidency of the United States.

Trumpchi, the sixth best-selling brand in China, is poised to enter the most competitive and difficult automotive market in the world. During the automobile exhibition in Detroit this January, Trumpchi became the first Chinese brand to show on the main floor of the event, and Yu Jun, the General Manager of the brand said that the automotive manufacturer is foreseeing its first American sells in 2019.

The company’s goal.

So far, Trumpchi has been exported to some developing countries under the GAC brand, but the company is not sure if its name will help or harms its performance in the US. The car is called Chuanqi (Legendary) in Chinese, and GAC said that its name in English has nothing to do with the reality television star turned president. It is a combination of the English words “trump” (meaning to overcome) and the first syllable of “cheerful.”

The main challenge of entering the US market is the high cost of testing and meeting the highest standards of safety and emissions in the world. This what Robin Zhu, Bernstein automotive market analyst in Asia indicates in Hong Kong.

The advantages of Trumpchi from the rest of Chinese brands.

Trumpchi cars have more space than normal for passengers in China, which Mr. Yu says is an advantage in the US. Chinese and American consumers prefer large and luxurious cars, the bigger and more luxurious they are, the better they will be for them.

Xing Lei, editor of China Automotive Review magazine, said the 2019 target was optimistic, but he thought Chinese domestic brands would eventually be exported to the US. He says that quality has improved immensely over the last decade, so there is little difference now in quality between domestic and foreign brands.

Some hazards.

However, this may not be the best time to try again, given the current Washington rhetoric. President Donald Trump has said he wants to increase tariffs on Chinese goods, describing China as “the biggest economic abuser in the US” in August.

Imported cars are charged a 2.5 percent tariff, but, it could be increased. One way to avoid trade barriers would be to build a factory in the US, and according to Mr. Yu, the manufacturer is willing to take that step and is currently looking for possible commercial premises.

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