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What is Lisk?

pagoskawaii 25 de July del 2017 Business
Within the world of cryptocurrencies, there are many virtual currencies in which a person can take advantage and invest part of their savings in the mining of some of them. Previously we have mentioned the main ones: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero. However, today we will trade another virtual currency that is emerging at the moment as one of the viable options within the virtual market of virtual currencies: Lisk.

Lisk is a very recent virtual currency, however it has been able to take advantage of its space within the virtual market of virtual currencies. With its enormous ease to mine the currency through any personal computer (PC) and the thousands of options offered by Lisk for its investors, it is clear that this will be a currency that will go around the world in business Virtual. Today we will talk about it in this article. Let’s start.


Lisk started operations on the internet and within the online virtual currency market thanks to the initiative of one of the Bitcoin network workers to create a cheap, simple, efficient and effective alternative to mine virtual currencies through laptops Or personal computers.

Thus, as in 2016 and after several unsuccessful attempts to get it to the virtual market between the years 2014 and 2015, virtual currency Lisk comes to the virtual market. Lisk since 2016 has been one of the favorites in the online virtual currency market for its ease of mining personal computers and on laptops.

Lisk and virtual market

Lisk mining has become popular especially in Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, etc.) thanks to the enormous facilities involved in having a virtual wallet and virtual mining or by the computer or laptops. This also gives a chance to people who are starting within the virtual coin mining to join this fashion that is leaving many gains within the virtual markets and local markets of each country.

Lisk currently has a value of $ 1.88 per 1 lisk. This is not much compared to other currencies such as Bitcoin which has a market value of $ 2500 per 1 BTC or Ethereum which has a market value of 300 $ per 1 ETH, however experts say that for the Enormous popularity that Lisk has, it is likely that this virtual currency will reach a market value of $ 200 per 1 lisk by the end of 2018.

This price increase is what keeps Lisk in the virtual market and in the hope that it will become worth the same as Bitcoin and that it will become one of the most widely used currencies in the world, but especially within the Asian continent in Where Lisk is increasingly popular.

Lisk has a future as a virtual currency thanks to the enormous trust that the Asian virtual markets give you and the large investments that these companies in Asia are giving to Lisk, hopefully you also have the confidence to give this virtual currency an opportunity.

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