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Why Leadership Confidence improves productivity on employees

pagoskawaii 26 de January del 2017 Business
Confidence is one of the “soft skills” that people consider to be the most important ones, but it is really difficult to quantify. Fortunately, a new study by Ken Blanchard Companies examines the connection between a company’s leadership behavior and employee productivity: according to the researchers, there is a large degree of correlation between strong leadership and a significant amount of Workers with great qualities.

An employee’s own features who trusts on his/her leaders are a constant effort on his/her job, a high performance, willingness to support the organization and remain in it, and the strong desire of being an important piece in the business gear.

In short, an employee who shows daily these attributes will probably be a functional worker who identifies with any reasonable project.  A manager would always love to have loyal employees who are willing to give more effort and remain on the company, offering all their talent and formation they already acquired.

Confidence is everything.

It may seem like a logical factor combination, but, because its simplicity is more surprising compared to reality. How often do we see managers of a company, and managers in general, who are not trusted? Is it not usual for many managers to let their talents go convinced that they will easily find a substitute?

Trust is the key to success in your career. There is not any surprise that several studies have proved that those who show more self-confidence than the competition are more admired and respected, as well as they have greater influence. But, of course, there are times when it is inevitable to feel insecure, we are not made of stone. However, fortunately for everyone, there are tricks to fool the whole world and look like the most self-confident person in the world.

Confidence is always a determining variable. Being able to maintain that link will set the difference between a strong team, united and attached to the philosophy of the company, who will not hesitate to fight for it, even if the demands increase; And a group of united employees who work mechanically while planning when and where will be their next job.

 Generating confidence.

Maybe it is not so complicated to generate trust and understanding among the teamwork: the magic formula – which is not really so secret or complex – it is summed up in complying with what has been agreed upon, being communicative and showing transparency, placing credibility and valuing their work and foster a relaxed work environment in which union reigns.

Until now was a simple claim from employees, today is a two-sided coin: science wants you to be productive, but you will not get it if you do not do enough for your team to trust you and become from being a simple boss to a true leader.


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