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Young British who suffers from dyslexia becomes a millionaire at age 17

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There are millionaires who had a very humble past, there are others who suffer from diseases that does not prevent them having succeeded in life.

And that is to be a millionaire is not necessary to be dyslexic, but it can help, according to a study, which says that 40% of people with this disorder suffer economic success in reading comprehension. Indeed, research, prepared by Tulip Financial Research Group and published in The Sunday Times said that the problem seems to be the most important aspect of individuals who have made millions thanks to own efforts.

The results shows that 40% of the 300 people studied were diagnosed with dyslexia, this pathological state in which reading is very difficult. Experts believe that one reason for dyslexics, are usually very good with details and have original ideas.

The findings of the study indicate that much of self-made millionaires were not good at school.

This is the case of Ollie Forsyth, the millionaire with dyslexia


Being dyslexic was not an impediment to Ollie Forsyth from 5 years who began studying at a school for children with special needs such as the prestigious boarding Bruern Oxfordshire Abbey, to start studying in a normal school. The child suffered from bully from others kids for being different, but managed to turn a bad experience into something positive. Ollie Forsyth did not fit in school. His teammates teased him for being dyslexic for being different.

The native teenager of Northamptonshire, could have let his cruel classmates would crush his spirit, self-esteem and motivation. But he did not. Today, however, has the goal of being a billionaire like Richard Branson, who also struggled with dyslexia in school.

So inspired by his idol, Ollie, at age 13, he created his own business; the online shop Ollie Gift Shop. During its first year of operation, this business earned about £51,000. Since then, the store generates estimated at £119,000 annual earnings. And it was not until the age of 16, the young British businessman Charmou launched an e-commerce company focused on clothing, footwear and accessories. The intention is to have 365 brands this year. He also created Entrepreneur magazine, which aims to collect stories and advice from successful entrepreneurs. So this intrepid young is part of the list of those who became millionaires before 18 years.


Currently Ollie has 17 years and does not intend to stop.


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