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Young English girl earn thousands of dollars by choosing names to Chinese babies

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She discovered a great business opportunity to realize the great need they have in China for choosing good Anglo-Saxon names for their babies.

Young English girl

The young girl is Beau Jessup from England, came up with the idea that would earn more than $ 84,000, when she was on vacation in China with her family. And this happened when she was in a restaurant when some Chinese friends of her father asked by an English name that could put to their newborn son.

The fashion of Chinese parents is to choose Anglo-Saxon names for their children, hoping that in the future that facilitate their study or work in the UK or another English speaking country.

She said, I explained that an English name is vital, because you can’t use a Chinese name in an email or to fill solitude for a university.

However, listening to the “embarrassing” options that shuffled the child’s parents, she decided she had to do something about it. And so it was born, Special Name, a website in which Chinese citizens can choose the most suitable English name for their children and has so far provided her with $84,000 in winnings.

Young English girl

The English girl realized that there are dozens of examples of bad chosen English names in China, and this is because the Chinese government restricts Internet access.

She notices that once heard of a man named Gandalf and a woman named Cinderella and even Rolex. And then she realized that she had a chance to help the Chinese people to choose a correct English name.

In China the baby’s name is chosen based on the elements and Jessup wanted to gives the English name as an alternative choice following a similar logic. And for that, she decided to give it a personality trait specific to each English name.

Young English girl

In exchange for 60 cents and after determining the sex of the baby, those who get access to her website can choose the names and consult with their family what is the most appropriate through We Chat (Chinese alternative app to WhatsApp).

After choosing, a certificate is generated with its meaning and example of a famous person with that name. With this system, Jessup has given name to more than 200,000 Chinese babies.

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