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4 basic steps to gain the confidence of your team

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Making a team work is no longer enough to have your loyalty or friendship, it is necessary to create a strong bond of trust. Here we give you this basic guide for you to start today.

Now that you have learned how to delegate effectively, it is important that you know how to earn the trust of your team. If there is no mutual trust between you and your employees, their motivation will be superficial and temporary.

Now, the loyalty of employees is earned by proving to be worthy of their trust. The times of unconditional employee loyalty ended with the restructuring of companies that left many without a job. Our own commitment has to do with their feeling of participating in a project in which the employee feels appreciated, where you can contribute, learn and grow professionally. If you as a boss take care of these aspects, your employees will form a great team with you.


Being able to trust your boss means having the conviction that you are sincere in what you express and that you are an integral person. It does not mean that he is our great friend, friendship can exist, but always be subject to a professional relationship. Nor does it mean that employees must agree to all their boss’s proposals, however, it is important that they understand why certain decisions are made.

To gain the confidence of your team, it is important to follow these basic steps:

  1. Defend your team.
It is very likely that from time to time colleagues will unduly accuse some of your employees. In any company, there are misunderstandings, and it is important that if one of your own receives an unjustified attack or criticism, look for ways to clarify the facts, and give them security.

  1. Be consistent.
It is very difficult to respect someone who changes his mind every time, or who contradicts himself when the situation changes. It does not mean that you cannot reorient an action plan when circumstances warrant it, but do it knowingly, not in a reactive way, showing yourself unable to reflect and realign your strategy so that together they reach the planned goal.

  1. Set the good example.
Many bosses think that they are above company rules or, that they may have behaviors that they do not tolerate in their employees. If you want your employees to do an impeccable job, teach them by give them a good example.

  1. Take responsibility for mistakes made.
If an employee of yours makes a mistake, do not use it as a scapegoat. Help him correct the mistake and learn the lesson to avoid repeating this same mistake in the future. In this way, you gain the commitment not only of this employee, but also that of his colleagues.


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