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5 Keys to Achieve authority with your attire

pagoskawaii 24 de May del 2017 education
The design experts show how your dressing impacts on how others perceive you. That is why depending on what we wear, so we will be treated, that is, if we emit positive stimuli, it is very likely that others feel at ease and wish to respond in the same way.

A person through his clothes could transmit to be accessible or authoritarian, that in turn will provoke in others a reaction and a treatment according to what is perceived.

The perception.

Perception may even be wrong, but it will be the one that prevails and the main one responsible in the decisions that are made. It remains to ask ourselves: Are we transmitting stimuli according to what we wish to communicate?

Some people are usually very easy-going by nature; however, when it comes to leadership, it is important to generate respect and authority. In the business world looking so accessible can make you lose credibility. Pay attention to these 5 keys and transmit authority through your wardrobe:

  1. Choose smooth fabrics.
Plain fabrics will show greater authority than stamped or textured fabrics. If you want to use printed fabrics, try to make them very dense.

  1. Wear perfect size clothing.
A suit with the custom fit will make you look like a tidy and worried person, this will immediately represent credibility.

  1. Look for garments with structure and angular design.
Garments that have vertical lines convey more authority than loose or rounded garments, since the latter emit softness stimuli and accessibility.

  1. Wear monochrome tones.
Dressing in a single color will lengthen your shape, and this will therefore translate into prestige and authority.

  1. Choose dark colors.
Dark colors are considered more authoritarian, colors like blue, black and oxford gray, are key colors in professional clothing. A person who wears dark colors will show more power than one who wears light colors.

What studies say about it.

Studies show that image can be a key factor in achieving professional goals. In fact, everything begins through the perception that others have about us, if we manage to show trust through the image, it is very likely that we will be more accepted and able to sell an idea, a product or a service.

Through the image you can show how capable you are or the opposite. The decision of a person to acquire a product does not only depend on his/her content, if it is true, this is an elementary part, everything enters through the eyes; and it is when we realize that the packaging has a very powerful impact.

Some people take hours practicing what they are going to say in an interview, in a presentation or in a business appointment; however, they forget their personal appearance without considering that more than 90% of the decision of others regarding our proposals, depends on non-verbal language.

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