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7 Weird ways to make money

Emily 31 de January del 2017 education
Investing and working on the clock aren’t the only ways of making money. In fact, there are some crazy and weird ways of making it without too much effort involved. Even if these won’t make you rich, it’ll help you get some extra cash from time to time.

7 unusual ways to make money

  • Trading empty ink cartridges in: if you’ve ever wondered what to do with those ink cartridges you can’t use anymore, it is possible to take them to recycling factories where they’ll pay you a small sum for each of them.
  • Sell snapshots: there’s no need to be a professional to sell some pics. As long as the camera or phone you have takes decent quality pictures you can sell them to online agencies or post them there and wait for people to buy them.
  • Become a model: you don’t even need to have a nice body; any average person can be a model because many marketing companies need people from all sizes and shapes.
  • Sell old clothes: whether you gain or lost weight, or there are clothes you don’t want to wear anymore, you can either sell the clothes yourself at a flea market or have someone else sell it for you.
  • Sell your hair: hair extensions are very popular nowadays, so find a store willing to buy your hair instead of cutting it and tossing it away.
  • Become a guinea pig: companies always need people to test their products before it hits the market. They will send you lots of goodies to try out and even if you don’t earn money, you will at least get the chance of stocking up on items that may be expensive otherwise.
  • Rent a room to a student: foreign exchange students always need a place to stay for a while. They could stay there between six weeks to six months.

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