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Getting out of your comfort zone

pagoskawaii 23 de August del 2017 education
Getting out of your comfort zone means you have the clarity that you need to act differently to get different results. And while it may make you afraid, getting away from your routine can be fun.

How to get out of your comfort zone?

Surely you are thinking that reading it is very easy, and that the difficult thing is to get out of that vicious circle of anxieties, routines and monotony.

However, getting out of your comfort zone does not require big changes as many people think, rather it requires practical, simple, but risky ideas that, little by little, will get you out of your routine.

Each of these keys to get out of your comfort zone have the goal of having the courage to break your habits, think outside the context and abandon limiting beliefs that have taken you where you are today.

1-. Take a cold shower.

2-. Talk to 5 different people on the street.

3-. Wake up before your alarm sounds, go for a walk or take your bike.

4-. If you always order a drink at the bar, order an orange juice or cold tea.

5-. Get out of something you no longer use, once a day for 30 days.

6-. Try a different route to get to work.

7-. Cook something you’ve never tried before.

8-. Turn off your cell phone and computer for 2 days.

9-. Say yes to the next invitation you receive, or invite someone out that you have not seen for some time.

10-. Learn something you do not like, or think it’s useless, like math or some words in another language.

11-. Go out into the street wearing something weird, or at least catch the attention of the rest.

12-. Call someone you have not talked to for a long time, surprise him.

13-. Look for a new position in your work, change chairs. Consider other business ideas, for example, start and start making money online.

14-. The next time you buy something, try to pay less by getting a discount or promotion. In many countries this is normal, so it may not be difficult for you.

15-. Ask a stranger on the street what day it is, and when he answers, tell him that what you really want to know is the year they are in. Note: This is completely weird and strange, but an effective way to overcome your fears.

16-. Go to work on your bike.

17-. Make a list of the 5 areas of your life where you spend the most money and are not important. Start saving money with these practices.

18-. Leave your home 5 minutes before the time you usually wake up. Make sure you do what you want, on condition of staying 20 minutes on the street.

While these ideas to get out of your comfort zone are not easy to practice in your daily life, once you do, you will see that difficulties and impediments are in your mind and not in reality, and that those limiting beliefs do not Are more than fears that are not worth it.

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