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How to teach children to learn the value of money

Emily 15 de January del 2017 education
People have the tendency of not speaking about money with or around children due to different reasons. However, doing so makes children grow up having no idea how to handle their own finances. There are ways of teaching young children how to best spend money efficiently.

For starters, teaching basic money skills instead of hoarding money for the future ensures they’ll be able to manage their own money instead of relying on their parents’ hard work. Knowing the power of money and learning how to appreciate the hard work done to acquire it have a major role in understanding the value money has for our daily lives.

One way to teach it is by providing rewards such as a chocolate bar or something they really want based upon their performance at school or after doing a difficult task at home.

Another important skill that needs to be learned is to create budgets. That way, they’ll be able to manage their own money when they grow up, helping them know when to spend money on things they want and when to save money. Giving a child enough money to choose whether to spend it on snacks and unnecessary items or save them up to buy a toy or a game they want will teach them the importance of budgeting.

And finally, teaching kids how to invest and make their money grow is just as important and it’ll be a huge help when they turn into full grown-ups. It can be done by having the child save up money and keep it in the house for a couple of months and having the same amount of money at a bank, and then calculating the differences, or if parents are stock savvy, they can explain in simple terms how investing in companies could exponentially make their money grow.

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