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Recycle, Reduce, Reuse and Make Money!

pagoskawaii 30 de January del 2017 education
All of us know the importance of recycling and making great changes in our consuming habits. Every day, thousands of tons in waste products. Plastic bottles, papers, cans, cupboards, rubber among other items are disposed without any control. this situation is affecting our world greatly since these types of waste last centuries to decay or dissolve, causing pollution and irreversible damage to the ecosystem.

For this reason, many companies and other green initiatives have created a parallel industry where they cannot only recycle and reduce pollution, but also save and make good money on that. In this article, we are going to review some of the most innovative ideas for helping the environment, and make a living at the same time.

Christmas tree recycling.

After celebrating Christmas, many people waste natural pine trees on the street which cause a tremendous problem not only for urban garbage collectors, but the whole city that has to think on the best way to dispose the three, apart from the big space and environmental problem represented by this.

This post-Christmas scenario represents an interesting opportunity for the joint development of programs between government and private initiative.

Your business can consist of collecting trees at home to prevent them from being abandoned on the streets, relieving neighbors and the city. To do this, you must contact all the distribution and sale points (in the Christmas season) to make a buyers’ database.

Then, once January begins, you should contact your prospects and draw a collection route. The cost of this service can be absorbed among the vendors, authorities and costumers.

It will also be useful to know that the recycling process consists of introducing the trees in special machines that reduce them to splinters. In this way, the product is sold as raw material to the agglomerated wood board and cellulose-paperboard industry. On the other hand, if the chipper is adjusted to produce sawdust, the resulting material is excellent for making compost.

Home collecting of Electronic waste.

Throwing them into the garbage, into the street or into the forests, can cause severe environmental damage, as toxic substances such as mercury, lead, arsenic and chromium, among others that pollute water, soil and air. You can make your own business offering a service in which you can help others to waste old fashioned electronic devices.

How come? You can create a website, or even an app where you will communicate with people who want to recycle their appliances, but for some reason cannot do it.

The service focuses on making everything easy and practical. The user will have to visit your website or download your app to request your help and so your team arrives at the house or office and collect the electronic that they will no longer use. Users will only have to describe what and how many devices they are going to discard and pack them, then request the collection at their home through a basic data form so that soon after your transport equipment or the parcel service and collect the waste.

In this way, it is how you can make a good business: the companies destined to the recycling can give you a commission according to some parameters. Maybe by pile them all together, or classifying them by type of device.

These are some of the great ideas to start make some money and help the world to be a better place to live.

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