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Things you should do on your first month in your new job

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We all know that being a newcomer can be difficult, but it also proposes several opportunities to take the top advantage of that. We will tell you how.

The first week in your new job are easy in a certain way, but the difficult in other ways. In most of positions, you will not know enough at the beginning to assume heavy duty work, but you will also feel uncertainty to know what others expect from you, and you will make extra effort in order to give a good impression, which is emotionally draining. How can you have a good start? Here are some things that you can do during your first month in your new job.

1 Ask a lot of questions.

If you ask lots of questions, you will not only learn faster how to do your work, but also show intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm. Managers love to see these traits in all employees of a company, from new hires to senior executives.

If you are concerned about interrupting your boss very often with your curiosities, write them down and set up regular meetings to review the list, and just ask questions that are based on curiosity.

2 Be clear about your role in the company.

The idea seems simple, but you would be surprised how often the expectations of managers and employees are not aligned, which can lead you to unfortunate surprises when it is time for the performance review. Ask your manager what he expects from you, and use a combination of general and particular questions. For example, ask what the team’s goals for the year are and how you can help them accomplish them.

3 Meet individually with your collaborators.

Knowing your collaborators inside and outside the office is invaluable. Invite to drink a coffee to any collaborator whose work you admire, that has ascended quickly, or someone who works in a different department to which you are interested. Learn about your daily work and what you like and dislike about the company. Poll for an overview. That way you will know the nuances of how things work in the company in a faster way, and you will establish important relationships.

4 Do not reject the company culture.

Please note the dress code, check-in and check-out times, internet and music policies. If you see that no one writes or does anything else during meetings, refrain from doing so. Ask your boss what the rules are and why. But also stay true to your personality and your principles.

If you realize that there are deep-rooted parts of the culture that conflict with your values, you may consider leaving the company or first establishing yourself as a strong contributor before attempting to change the organizational culture.



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