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4 Crazy Eccentric Rich People

Emily 26 de October del 2016 Extreme
Today, we’ve got some of history’s most eccentric rich people for you!

Howard Hughes


The brilliant man who inspired the movie, The Aviator, was heir to an oil drilling fortune, and he loved flying. However, after a flight accident he ended up living in a room without wanting to shower, surviving eating just chocolate bars, chicken, milk and painkillers. He suffered from OCD and germophobia (how someone who doesn’t shower can have germophobia makes no sense but it seems it worked out for him). He lived his life after the accident in hotel rooms and he would buy the whole place if the owner refused to give him what he wanted.

Robert Klark Graham


The inventor of shatter-proof eyeglass lenses. The man was an intellect lover, and he created a sperm bank called Repository for Germinal Choice to house only Nobel Prize winners’ sperm. Sadly, for someone who appreciates intelligence, he didn’t consider the tiny little fact that the prize is usually earned by elderly people after having a long and arduous career. So, he ultimately had to lower his standards a bit.

Peter Thiel


The co-founder of PayPal believes the future lies in floating cities on the ocean, kind of like Atlantis. He is also interested in artificial intelligence and human immortality. Let’s hope he succeeds in at least one of them.

Jocelyn Wildenstein


She earned her wealth by divorcing her husband after catching him in bed with a younger woman. She got $2.5 billion and an allowance of $100 million a year for 13 years. It wouldn’t sound too eccentric or surprising if it weren’t for the fact that after marrying the man, she decided to perform plastic surgery (multiple surgeries, rather) on her face to resemble cat features and make herself more appealing towards him. It obviously didn’t work out.
After her divorce, the judge prohibited her from performing any other plastic surgery on herself, which I think was the best decision for all parties involved.

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