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Illegal jobs that pay extremely well

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For some being bad, sure can be good. Let’s be clear on this, there is no form of criminal activity that is actually good. There exists a pecking order for crimes that can be considered as a job. A big pay day for doing activities that can leaves you into the jail.

Those are some of the most pay illegal jobs

Drug lord

There is a reason why always in the movies those guys live in a large way, full of luxury and pleasures. Is not a honest job, but it’s a highly pay task. A Bolivian drug lord once offered to pay $ 3.8 billion to his country national debt in exange for the release from the DEA custody of him and one of his sons. Also it’s a facts tact Colombian drug dealers can make $ 2.500 at day just by sending some of those package. Drugs are illegal in most part of the world that increases the price of the drug.



The dramatized depiction of greedy, money seeking computer hackers is normally tied to one of the big ambitious scores that brings instant richest to the guilty web savvy perpetrator. More often, hacking is one the most effective as a subtle enshrouded form of thievery thet targets large business and other entities flush with cash that wouldn’t be likely to immediately notice the scam. In Russia a mob hacker stole more than $9 million from ATM machines by cloning debit cards and increasing their withdrawal limits.


Con Artist

They are a number of resources that a con man has at their disposal to make wealthy target, in some way to say it. Those people can make millions by doing fraudulent traits. Also called, white collar thieves.


Illegal wildlife trader

Rightful public outrage has diminished the trade of illegally hunted wildlife. Do to the extremely rare species that are being hunter, the prices for those animal or parts of the animals are super high. It can only being found in black market.


Weapons trafficking

Every country boasts themselves to means of defending through military action and well those tools of defense have to come from somewhere. The amount of money that some countries pays for weaponry are really high, tee international arms dealers are people well pay but in exange of abandon any moral or ethical direction.



One of the toughest crimes to crack down on. Some estimates suggest that the practice of counterfeiting can be worth as $250 billion annually due to all illegal activities. Counterfeiting is a worldwide business that has wide spread in so many places but particularly strong on China, Russia, Taiwan and India. A curious fact is that the us dollar is the most widely forged currency in the world.



Commonly associated with drugs, a lucrative and historical trade that has been involve in many activities. With a lot amount of money in their transactions.



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