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The most expensive horror movie, The Conjury

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When we talk about horror movies in recent years the film that has definitely become a benchmark for this genre is not another than, The Conjury directed by James Wan and written at the Hayes brothers, the premiere was on July 19 of 2013. It was made with a budget of $20 million, making it the films of this genre with the highest budget of all times. Putting in the box office about $320 million worldwide, making it the film of horror with the most grossing collect of all times.

This film is based on a case of real life that happened in 1971. The Perron family moved to live in a farm in Harrisville, Rhode Island. Everything seems normal except for unusual behavior exhibited by the dog of the family, which just will not stop barking, they ignore it and leave it outside the house, the next morning the dog is dead and from there begin to develop a series of unexplained events in the house. Carolyn, the wife, wakes up with bruises on her arms and legs, she begin to hear laughter and clapping coming from the basement, one of the daughters of the marriage begins to have sleepwalking.

The Conjury

Following these events the family decides to contact Ed and Lorraine services, characters played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, for help because they feel that there is something in the house that is threaten their lives, something parapsychologists. They accept willingly, to start their investigations discovered that the house had belonged to a Bathsheba woman during the 1800 era and  had been accused of witchcraft after offering her son as a sacrifice to the devil and before dying hanged, she cursed anyone who entered his property.

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